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A recovering drug addict pursues long distantness running to stay clean and rebuild his life.


Neil is a ski instructor who loves his job, hanging out with his close friends, relaxing by the river, and going to college. He never intended to get addicted to crystal meth. Eventually, this led him to lose his job and get kicked out of his family home. Living on the streets he had one goal to stay high. After multiple arrests and losing everything, he went to rehab. He found running to be a way to stay focused and sober. Then he discovered ultra-running, a race community where he could set a goal of running a 100-mile race that would benefit his mind and body. This is his story of overcoming his addiction and running towards a brighter future.


18 minutes



Director / Editor

My Name is Damian Gordon, and I live in Reno, Nevada. I'm a creative artist trying to grow in the craft of storytelling. I love filming extreme sports like skiing, mountain biking, and running. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer animation and cinematography. After finishing school, I went on to work on several animation projects, short films, documentaries, and and currenrly the Marketing videographer for the University of Nevada, Reno. I created Sierra Studio Films with my talented business partner Myles Smythe. We continue to pursue documentaries and narrative work and improve as cinematographers and storytellers. 


Film Credits:
Director/Editor: Damian Gordon
Producer: Myles Smythe
Cast: Neil Haley
Production Company: Sierra Studio Films


The film is currently available for select screenings, a full release schedule will be announced at a future date.

Want to book a showing for your town?

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