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Diamond To The Rough (2016) is a documentary film that follows the journey of former MLB player, Eric Byrnes from the baseball diamond to the rough trails of the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, known as the Super Bowl of Ultra Running.


Monarch Film Festival - Judges Choice Award - 2016


“In 2011, during a peak in my running, I entered and completed my first 100 mile trail race. Being an ultra runner is very much a lifestyle for me, regardless of when I am running or not. In fact, in 2012, I moved from my urban city loft to a cabin located at a major trailhead, deep in the woods. An ultra-running mecca if you will. With inspiration all around, I quickly found myself wanting to share with others the passion and mindfulness I have discovered while running long distances, not my personal experience, but the experiences I hope others can have. In many ways I think I am a better athlete when I have a camera in tow. Filming in remote and equally beautiful locations is all I can hope for. Today I am very proud to have directed the award winning film Diamond to the Rough, to share the story of Eric Byrnes, and how ultra running has shaped his life and is paying it foward to inspire his own children for their future.“

-Myles Smythe


Photo: Joe McCladdie


An accomplished lifetime athlete, having played 11 seasons of Major League Baseball (MLB) and being inducted into the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame. Since retiring from MLB in 2010, Eric has completed 8 Ironman Triathlon events and has since become an ultra marathon runner. He is a current MLB Network Analyst and resides in Half Moon Bay, Lake Tahoe and New York City, with his wife Tarah and three children, Chloe 7, Cali 6 and Colton 5.



Director - Editor

With more than twenty years of experience behind the camera, Myles is part athlete and part stuntman, moving with a camera in rugged environments few would dare to follow. As an accomplished ultra runner, he has completed dozens of ultra races across the world. His deep pool of creativity is equally matched with a vast technical expertise in his craft. Today, Myles is the Director for Sierra Studio Films and is the owner of Michigan Bluff Photography. In 2015, he directed the acclaimed documentary, This Is Your Day. He currently resides along the Western States Trail.


Director of Photography

After earning his degree in Cinematography, Damian has mastered his craft and can shape light like a magician. His vision is clear, to create the greatest film work of all time. As an avid outdoor weekend warrior, Damian is frequently zooming down hills on skis, mountain bikes or running on his own two feet. With a history in 3D animation, he brings his vast talents as a partner and Director of Photography to Sierra Studio Films.


The film is currently available for select screenings, a full release schedule will be announced at a future date.

Want to book a showing for your town?
To book a showing of this film in your city or town contact: Robert Rhodes

San Franciso, CA - October 20, 2016

Half Moon Bay, CA - November 13, 2016



Film Credits:
Director/Editor: Myles Smythe
Director of Photography: Damian Gordon
Cast: Eric Byrnes, Lance Armstrong
Music: Kelley James, Chris Jagich

Narration: Greg Amsinger

Gimbal Operator: Myles Smythe
Additional Archive Cinematography/Photography: Allan Teruel, Jesse Ellis, Charles Barieau, MLB
Production Assistant: Heather Bird

Executive Producer: Hustle Media
Production Company: Sierra Studio Films

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